Season 3 of UN-Habitat Urban Lectures launches



29 January: Steffen Lehmann, architect and urban designer
12 February: Ana Falu, National University of Argentina, Cordoba
26 February: Ronald Wall, Erasmus University, Rottendam
11 March: Kecia Rust, Center for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa
25 March: Richard Sliuzas, University of Twente, Netherlands
8 April: Oscar Carracedo, National University of Singapore
22 April: Illac Diaz, MyShelter Foundation

Each package consists of a 15 min video, a synopsis of the topic, a biography of the speaker and links to in depth study. The speakers are associated with UN-Habitat’s work, recruited from universities, think-tanks, governments, NGO’s, and private sector institutions. The series wishes to demonstrate a sound evidence-based analysis of a given problem and issues at stake, identify propositions to address them and provide examples that demonstrate how such propositions actually work, are being tested or have been implemented.

All urban lecture packages are available free of charge and available on YouTube