New Book:: Dynamics and Resilience of Informal Areas

Editors: Attia, S., Shabka, S., Shafik, Z., Ibrahim, A.A.A.M. (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-319-29948-8

This volume provides visionary approaches within the multi-disciplines engaged with informal settlements covering three main themes; ‘Innovative Policies and Strategies to Informal Urbanism’; ‘Production, Operation and the Life-World of Urban Space’ and finally ‘The Dynamics of Informal Settlements’.

The book reflects multi-disciplinary experiences dealing with informality, where authors from a number of global regions present cases, practices and ideologies related to their respective context. This is elaborated through fifteen selected papers, most of which, were presented at the International conference: ARCHCAIRO 6 (the 6th International Conference), “RESPONSIVE URBANISM IN INFORMAL AREAS TOWARDS A REGIONAL AGENDA FOR HABITAT III”. The conference was organized as a collaborative activity within the “Informal Urbanism Hub” of the HABITAT University Network Initiative (UNI), the Regional Office for Arab Countries, and Cairo University, aiming at reducing the gap between academia and practice.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS (15 chapters)

  1. Between Formal Structure and Informal Practice, Maroso, Riccardo (et al.)

  2. Slum Tourism: A Catalyst for Urban Development? Reflections from Cairo’s Ashwa’iyat (Informal Areas), Hendawy, Mennatullah (et al.)

  3. Application of Upgrading Strategies and Urban Farming Principles to Mangueira Complex, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Battisti, Alessandra (et al.)

  4. From Informal to Formal: What Can Be Learned from Reviewing 50 Years of Portuguese Models, Policies and Politics, Silva, Paulo (et al.)

  5. Urbanization, Collective Action and Coping Strategies in Informal Areas of African Cities: A Polycentric Environmental Planning Perspective, Akinola, Samson R.

  6. Right to Urban Space in Post-Revolution Cairo: A Study for Street Vending Phenomenon, Kafafy, Nezar A.

  7. Social Production of Urban Space in Informal Areas in the G.C.R “Missing Values & Probable Potential”, Mahmoud, Randa A. (et al.)

  8. Operative Public Space for Informal Nairobi: The Why Not Junior Academy Experience, Cimini, Silvia (et al.)

  9. “Slum” Upgrading in South Africa: Defamiliarising the Global Neighbourhood Aesthetic, Kornienko, Kristen

  10. Informal Urbanism as a Product of Socio-Cultural Expression: Insights from the Island Pacific, Jones, Paul

  11. Top-Down and Bottom-Up Strategies for Housing and Poverty Alleviation in Indonesia: The PNPM Programme in Yogyakarta, Roitman, Sonia

  12. A South-South Dialogue on Housing; The Facilitator Model and Its Limitations in Brazil and India, Becerril, Hector

  13. Residential Mobility in Egypt; A Must or a Myth, Nasr Eldin, Rania (et al.)

  14. A Proposed Statistical Model for Real Estate Appraisal in Historical Mixed Use, Ibrahim, Asmaa

  15. Water, Food and Energy Nexus, Investigating the Feasibility of the Concept Through the Application of a Sustainable Sanitation System, the Case of Zerzara, Hurghada, Alhowaily, Anas (et al.)



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