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    Infrastructure in Africa – December Book Release

    Good infrastructure is essential for socio-economic growth and sustainable development. Safe and accessible water supplies, reliable energy, good transport networks and communications technology are all vital to a region’s development agenda. This book presents a comprehensive exploration of the state…

  2. Books

    Nature and Cities, a new book from Lincoln Institute of…

    This book will be published in November, 2016, and is available for preorder. Ecologically based urban designs and plans are essential as the world urbanizes and the effects of climate change grow more severe. In this collection of essays, leading…

  3. New Book: The Myth of the Sustainable City

    About the book: This book takes you on a unique journey through American history, taking time to consider the forces that shaped the development of various cities and regions, and arrives at an unexpected conclusion regarding sustainability. From the American…

  4. Books

    New Book | Baltimore School of Urban Ecology Space, Scale,…

    [caption id="" align="alignright" width="302"] Yale University Press[/caption] J. Morgan Grove, Mary L. Cadenasso, Steward T. A. Pickett, Gary E. Machlis, and William R. Burch, Jr.; Foreword by Laura A. Ogden A leading-edge guide to thinking about and planning for twenty-first-century…

  5. Reports

    Making Cities Work for All – An OECD report on…

    A report from OECD and the Ford Foundation "Cities are places where opportunities for prosperity coexist with stark inequalities between the richest and the poorest. Cities produce and attract highly educated workers and innovative employers. It is usually easier in…

  6. Reports

    A New Report on Government/Philanthropy Partnerships from HUD

    Over the last several years The U.S. Department of Housing and urban Development (HUD) has experimented with different types of community engagement and support and have worked side-by-side with philanthropy, aligning efforts to serve and lift up distressed neighborhoods and…

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