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Organization Description

logo-GAP-300x296The General Assembly of Partners (GAP) is an engagement platform that that aims to support stakeholder contributions to the ‘New Urban Agenda,’ the outcome document of the Habitat III Conference to be held in Quito, Ecuador in October, 2016. For more information about the ‘New Urban Agenda’ see the Habitat III website.

GAP consists of 16 Partner Constituent Groups (PCG) with members from the United Nations’ nine major groups, the Habitat Agenda Partners and other relevant stakeholders.  PCGs are involved with the advancement of new ideas and methodologies in the field of sustainable urbanization and human settlement development, including but not limited to, public spaces and streets, urban transport and mobility, climate change and environment, energy, housing and slum upgrading, safety and security in cities.

GAP member organizations are mapped and searchable on this website’s member directory under Type: General Assembly of Partners

 The General Assembly of Partners will meet several times in different regions of the world: October, 2015 (New York), December, 2015 (Paris), March (TBA), 2015, Indonesia (July), 2016 and October (Quito), 2016.

The Women’s PCG serves as a collaborative space for advocacy by bringing together a collective women’s voice, policy recommendations, and the concerns and priorities of women and women’s organizations, along the entire spectrum of diversity and the life cycle, regarding urban policies and urban development.

Membership is open to all stakeholders with an interest in sustainable urbanization (a group or person may join only one PCG). To join a PCG, send an email to the contact listed with copies to and

Women PCG Co-Chair

  1. Magdalena Garcia Hernandez, Bufete de Estudios Interdisciplinarios A.C. (Mexico)
  2. Theresa Boccia, AFEM (Association) Femmes Europe Méridionale (Italy)

2018 Elections

Voting will be done through a brief electronic survey sent by the
Co-Chair . Those who are registered in the group vote.
The opening of the voting is on May 3, 2018 and closes on May 11 at
12:00 midnight New York time.
Elecciones 2018

La votación se realizará mediante una breve  encuesta electrónica
enviada por los Co-Chair. Votan quienes están registrados en el grupo.
La apertura de la votación  es el 3 de mayo de 2018 y cierra el 11 de
mayo a las 12:00 de media noche tiempo de Nueva York.


Magdalena Garcia Hernandez, Bufete de Estudios Interdisciplinarios A.C. (Mexico)

Candidate Statement
 HC_SupportNominationMagdalenaGHernandez16April2018 Postulation_for_MIRA_to_Magdalena_Garcia



249 Manhattan Avenue
New York
United States of America

Contact Person

Teresa Boccia, co-chair

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