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The General Assembly of Partners (GAP) is an engagement platform that that aims to support stakeholder contributions to the ‘New Urban Agenda,’ the outcome document of the Habitat III Conference to be held in Quito, Ecuador in October, 2016. For more information about the ‘New Urban Agenda’ see the Habitat III website.

GAP consists of 16 Partner Constituent Groups (PCG) with members from the United Nations’ nine major groups, the Habitat Agenda Partners and other relevant stakeholders.  PCGs are involved with the advancement of new ideas and methodologies in the field of sustainable urbanization and human settlement development, including but not limited to, public spaces and streets, urban transport and mobility, climate change and environment, energy, housing and slum upgrading, safety and security in cities.

GAP member organizations are mapped and searchable on this website’s member directory under Type: General Assembly of Partners

 The General Assembly of Partners will meet several times in different regions of the world: October, 2015 (New York), December, 2015 (Paris), March (TBA), 2015, Indonesia (July), 2016 and October (Quito), 2016.

The Farmers PCG represents peasants, farmers, pastoralists and fishermen who have an interest in rural- urban synergies. This particularly includes women, the youth and those who have been historically subjected to racial, ethnic and gender discrimination.

Membership is open to all stakeholders with an interest in sustainable urbanization (a group or person may join only one PCG). To join a PCG, send an email to the contact listed with copies to and

Farmers PCG Co-Chairs

  1. Mildred Crawford, Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers (Jamaica)
  2. Violet Shivutse, Farmer and founder of Kenya’s Home Based Care Alliance (Kenya)

2018 Elections

Procedure: The Farmers PCG members will receive an electronic ballot with the names and statements of those running for the co-chair position 2018-2020 by May 3 to be returned by May 11. Each member may vote for one nominee.The candidate for co-chair and her statement are listed below.

Violet Shivutse, Farmer and founder of Kenya’s Home Based Care Alliance (Kenya)

Statement of Candidate

I, Violet Shivutse, Coordinator of the Home-Based Care and Farmers Alliance, Kenya would like to self-nominate and stand for the GAP Farmers Partners’ Constituent Group (FPCG) Co-Chair election for the period 2018-2020. I served as the FPCG Co-Chair with Mildred Crawford for the last 2-years where I organized 2- successful Farmers Roundtables during Habitat III and at WUF9, and worked closely with other GAP-PCGs. I opened ways for farmers to participate as speakers in shaping the Farmers’ Agenda in the NUA. My interest as a farmer and a caregiver who has been on the forefront representing interests of the farmers from the local to Global spaces, is to build the FPCG as an active space for its members to advocate policies and programs relevant to their interest. I believe I can articulate and advocate these important issues, and demonstrate relationship between Agriculture, Women and Community Land Rights, Rural Urban Linkage and SDGs. I helped organize women farmers to take leadership in influencing policy at all levels and a trainer in climate smart Agriculture and SDGs advocacy; I’m on the key leaders’ team that initiated successful interventions like Women Land Link Africa, Grassroots Women SDGs Ambassadors supported with IFAD and Huairou Commission; a speaker at the World Food Conference 2010, in IFAD sessions at CSW 56th and 57th. I will use these skills-knowledge to help strengthen FPCG members, as well as learn from them. I hope to be (re)elected and will work with my fellow Co-Chair to expand and strengthening the FPCG.





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Mildred Crawford, co-chair

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