Nature and Cities, The Ecological Imperative in Urban Design and Planning

Ecologically based urban designs and plans are essential as the world urbanizes and the effects of climate change grow more severe. In this collection of essays, leading international landscape architects, architects, city planners, and urban designers explore the economic, environmental, and public health benefits of integrating nature more fully into cities and of linking ecological information to actions across many scales, communities, and regions. The book builds upon the premise of Ecological Design and Planning, also edited by George F. Thompson and Frederick R. Steiner (Wiley, 1997).

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Nature and Cities Contributors

José M. Almiñana, Andropogon Associates, Philadelphia

Timothy Beatley, University of Virginia

James Corner, James Corner Field Operations, New York City, and the University of Pennsylvania

Susannah Drake, dland studio, Brooklyn

Carol Franklin, Andropogon Associates, Philadelphia

Kristina Hill, University of California-Berkeley

Nina-Marie Lister, Ryerson University

Elizabeth K. Meyer, University of Virginia

Forster Ndubisi, Texas A & M University

Laurie Olin, Olin, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and the University of Pennsylvania

Kate Orff, SCAPE, New York City

Danilo Palazzo, University of Cincinnati (formerly Milan Polytechnic University)

Chris Reed, Stoss Landscape Urbanism, Boston, and Harvard University

Anne W. Spirn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Charles Waldheim, Harvard University

Richard Weller, University of Pennsylvania

Kongjian Yu, Peking University and Turenscape, Beijing